Through the selection process, the leather skins are chosen for its richness, resistance and silky touch. Vegetable oils are used to provide suppleness and softness. As your bag ages, the leather will naturally lose moisture and oils. Each skin has a possible presence of naturally occurring marks, wrinkles and veins.These elements are an unforgettable guarantee of authenticity and proof of a living material which will grow and develop over time. When not in use, store in your bag with stuffing, inside the cloth case, away from dust, sunlight or high heat.

While using your bag we recommend to not overfill it so it can keep its original shape.

Avoid rubbing your bag against any dyed clothing. Avoid excessive contact with oils, make up, perfume, and creams. For stains, gently use a soft damp cloth with water.

The wood pieces on each of the bag have been created with delicate precision. Black walnut is a natural material with the possible presence of scratches, wood grain, and other natural imperfections. Please be reminded that each wood piece is different as it is a natural material, a reflection of the true beauty and uniqueness of working with elements of nature.To clean your wood pieces, we recommend using a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap.

Mas is not liable for defects and or damages caused by normal wear and tear, including, without limitations, wear and tear of the skin, or the lining, or the hardware and or the wood pieces that could be broken for improper use of the mas product.

If you have any questions regarding product care, please contact us at