Our Philosophy

"We believe it's not just about where you come from, it's where you're going. It's about stepping into the world and returning to the familiar. Coming back home. It's about a quality of life, in how we care for a life well-lived and the things and people we surround ourselves with."

Inspired by a humanistic approach that transcends today’s trends, the mas legacy is rooted in presence, simplicity and integrity.This collection is a byproduct of an overarching life ethos, a brand born from a passion where time is a pledge of refinement.Taking pride in challenging industry norms, the focal point is always people and provenance.

Bypassing conventional fashion schedules and protocols, mas collections are sold directly to the customer. A personal approach which is present in all aspects of our business practice.The artisans and the consumer are of equal importance, both become part of the mas family. High quality and ethically sourced materials in combination with traditional manual techniques ensures this symbiotic relationship continues to live on in each of our bags for years to come.